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Innovative Powder Coatings LLC

Innovative Powder Coatings (IPC) is a Jotun certified powder coating service present in UAE with over 10 years of industrial experience. Our experience and expertise make us the preferred choice for many industries for all their powder coating requirements.

Yes, we are Jotun certified. Our state of the art facility will provide cost effective and efficient  custom powder coating process for your valuable materials be it aluminium, MS, GI or casts.

Our facility has the necessary provision to handle trailer loaded materials and our burner has the capacity to accommodate materials with maximum length 8m, height 2m, width 65cm and with a maximum weight of 160 kg 

Our treatment process and coating expertise enable us to deliver your goods well within time with the desired finish and quality. Packed materials after quality checks are despatched without delay.


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Powder Coating Services

Greatly improve the life and weather resistance of your materials through powder coating

Choose your color

Our wide selection of colors will enable you to choose that dream finish for your material that you always wanted


Get your Sample Coat

Want to see how your color will look on your material? Just get a sample coat and feel the superior finish of our coating.


Effective Pre-treatment

We remove all impurities and defects through our pre-treatment process according to the material in order to get that perfect finish


Superior Protection

Our coating will enable your material to withstand rust and corrosion thereby increasing its life manifold.


Great Pricing

We believe in providing our customers with the utmost quality at an affordable price. 


Expert Support

Got any queries? Our team of experts are always there to help you with your questions. We are happy to be of assistance.


Meet Our Team

Our ability to provide valuable service to our clients start with our team of widely experienced personnel.

George Prasad

CEO & Managing Director

Our CEO and MD, Mr. George Prasad has more than 35 years of International business experience and has been instrumental in our success.


Production Control

The production control, with over 20 years of experience working in the Powder Coating industry is responsible for our efficient day to day operations.



Our QA - QC professional is responsible for customer relations and overall quality, support and delivery of the product.

Bob P George

IT & Marketing Manager

Mr. Bob, with his wide experience in the technological front manages the Marketing strategies and oversees the IT process.

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Innovative Powder Coating is our preferred coating service provider for more than 3 years. They provide me with excellent coating for my HVAC components and delivers the material promptly on time.

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Cherian Mathew

Winner Aluminium

Innovative is our valuable powder coating service partner which provides excellent powder coating service for our company based in SAIF zone in the UAE. 

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Betec Cad

Latest News

We provide powder coating for a variety of products used in different applications

Coating for sand trap louver

The sand trap louver is used at the fresh air inlet duct of the air handling unit. Powder coating will enable to improve its weather resistance.

Compressor Upgrade Completed

As part of our annual maintenance drive, we have upgraded our compressor to the Italian imported Michelin brand with improved capacity.


Spray Booth Maintenance Completed

We have installed brand new nozzles for our Parker Ionics booth gunsĀ and the routine maintenance was completed.